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More Sketches and News!

As promised, here are three more sketches. The color is not yet added, however the black and white looks really cool. Gimo is about half way through the art work for the new game. We can’t wait to see these fantastic illustrations in print. All of the Vanquisher backers will know about the launch date of this new game in advance.                   In other news, we didn’t…

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Meet Inductor and Resistor PLUS Vanquisher news

For anyone interested that didn’t catch it, Michael over at Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews finished his video uploads on Vanquisher. Great game play walk through and summary of the game mechanics. Check out Vanquisher game play videos As promised here are some more sketches from the upcoming super cool, secret, and yet to be unveiled card game we are working on: More sketches and Vanquisher News to follow.. stay tuned!

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Sketch Town (Sun-Born)

In world fueled with magic, humans have found a way to channel it through the use of runes. Only the the most trained summoners are awarded runes, which then they can use to summon sketches!!! Far across the river, deep into the Mountains, hidden in the forest lies SKETCH TOWN, where Sketch Lords use artifacts, magical literature, and anything they can draw to compete for bragging right.  

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Vanquisher is a strategic and competitive game for 2-4 players, designed for ages 14+. Vanquisher combines area control and abstract strategy as players battle to obtain the largest territory. Those familiar with Blokus, Suburbia, The Castles of Burgundy, Machi Koro, and Saint Petersburg will love the challenge of Vanquisher!  

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